Discover a lesser-known region of Morocco on this guided 8-day Outdoor adventure to remote valleys, bustling markets, the vibrant Berber culture and the breathtaking Sahara desert. Wind across Middle and high Atlas Mountains, fertile prairies and many waterfalls and rivers. There’s a reason why it’s called the “Moroccan Mongolia”! Explore a less-known region of Morocco while canyoning in the stunning Ozoud waterfalls. Follow the shaded path of olive trees to the most popular sites near Morocco — a breathtaking display of natural beauty. Schedule your tour on the historical city of Fes, and continue the adventure through the unbelievable glory of the massive Erg Chebbi dunes. You will experience the Berber lifestyle and enjoy the services of a local Trip Leader and superb bucket list inclusions, such as an overnight stay in the Sahara Desert and a guided tour of the vibrant Medina Marrakech. This adventure never fails to impress